Painting 001: Hazy Days (3" x 8 1/4")
Painting 001: Hazy Days (3" x 8 1/4")
Shiny Objects Artwork

Painting 001: Hazy Days (3" x 8 1/4")

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Size: 3" x 8 1/4" (does not require a frame)

How is this work made?

The same multi-layered process is used in all of my abstract paintings. First I select colored inks for their brilliance and ability to move freely across nonporous paper. Once the design is created, it is adhered to a birch board (1" to 1 3/4" thick.) Next, one or more coats of resin are applied to produce a "shiny objects" glow. Finally any resin bubbles that may have appeared, are eliminated with a scary propane torch..

 No need for a frame. This contemporary abstract is mounted on a birch panel. The bare wood sides are stained with teak oil (see example.)