What is your return policy?
I want you to be happy with your Shiny Object necklace and take delight every time you wear it. If you bought a Shiny Object painting, you should feel that it enhances your home or office. If these things don't happen, e-mail me on the Contact page and we'll make it right.

How can I find out about your latest creations?
Two ways. Check the "Newest Works" section on the Home Page and/or subscribe to my newsletter, which is accessible at the bottom of the Home page.

How do I care for Shiny Objects?
Sterling silver plated chains and charms only need an occasional wipe with a soft cloth. If your painting is dusty, a soft cloth will take care of that too. If your painting gets fingerprints on it, a light cleaning with Windex or other mild window cleaners will do the job.

Is there anything I should know about my resin Shiny Object?
Resin is very sturdy material. It can withstand cold and heat, but may start to soften if subject to heat over 120 degrees (Fahrenheit) for a prolonged time. So avoid leaving your artwork in a hot car on an uncommonly hot day in the summer.

How can I determine the size of various pendants?                                                    Great question. The photos do not represent actual sizes. We have placed coins beside some items to help you get an idea of the size. However, that is only done for a handful of items. The best way to determine the exact size is to go to the Home page and click on Contact. Be sure to include the product number and name. I will respond with measurements, usually within 24 hours.

How can I determine the true colors of the pendants?                                                   Again, Contact is the way to go. We all know that colors are likely to vary on different devices. I can describe the true colors and in some cases, even send you a swatch by snail mail.                                              

Are the black borders around some paintings actually picture frames?  We were fooling around with photoshop. The black borders only appear on the website. In fact, Shiny Objects abstract paintings do not require frames. They are ready to hang when they arrive at your home or office.